18 McIntyre Bluff Rattlesnake Lake American Coott2American Coots at Rattlesnake Lake keep an eye on hikers during McIntyre Bluff climb.


The objectives for which the club was formed are:

To foster an awareness, appreciation and understanding of our natural environment that it may be wisely used and maintained for future generations.


18 Oliver Osoyoos Naturalist Little Fish Lake 3 Oct 14
A peaceful, reflective lunch beside Little Fish Lake.


  • We are a group of like-minded citizens who gather to hike, bird watch, and support special environmental  projects.
  • We hold 2 annual meetings: a pot luck dinner in the fall and an annual general meeting in the spring.
  • There is an elected Executive Committee comprised of 8 directors, who are responsible for the administration of the club and following the by-laws as set forth by our constitution.
  • The club is a member of BC Nature, a federation of BC naturalist clubs.

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of the Oliver Osoyoos Naturalists Club

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All pictures on this site were taken by Oliver-Osoyoos Naturalists Society members